Hall of Fame Class of 2014  
Finn McCool | 08.09.14

Nine new members were inducted into the NWLA Hall of Fame class as well three legacy teams. Heading the class is the late Jerry Driggs of COWL who has been a true pioneer of the game for quite awhile...

NWLA Unveils New Website Design  
Sly Rivers | 08.09.14

The NWLA website has been around since 2005 and began ranking teams, giving out Wiffy awards and National Teams since 2006. It started out on the now defunct Yahoo pagebuilder geocities.Then in the summer of 2009, the NWLA got its first domain and had a lot of website space to build and build...

Where is Everyone Going?  
Josh Williamson | 08.09.14

WIth twenty new NWLA leagues and counting added to this year alone (currently up to 70 leagues) and another successful NWLA tournament last month*, you would think 2014 would be prime for THE year for wiffleball. But it appears it is the year of sad announcements of step downs and retirements....

Join the NWLA
Elvis Morales | 08.09.14

The NWLA is always looking for new leagues even with nearly 40 new league applications this year alone. Have a wiffleball league? Have a website? Want to share it with the rest of the wiffleball league community? Then fill out the new league application found here.Application wait time can vary and as long as you...

Chris Gallaway Tournament Interview  
Sly Rivers | 08.09.14

The 2014 NWLA Tournament has come and gone with great success. Here is an interview with the organizer of the NWLA tournament and PWL commissioner Chris Gallaway who talks about the wet rainy weather at this year's tournament and provides some insight on future NWLA tournaments.....

Wiffle Crush Wednesday  
Carl Coffee | 06.04.14

A 2 for 1 comes in at #10, as two Michigan wiffle legends and NWLA Hall of Famers crack the list. It's no secret that WSEM looks up to these two, as our divisions are named after them. Some of  the younger wifflers probably aren't aware of these guys nor do they appreciate what these two have done for...

Truck Retires  
Carl Coffee | 06.04.14

Pat Moriarty, better known as Truck, has recently stepped down as a wiffleball player. He will continue to be commish of the HRLas well as keep up with charity tournaments and other tournaments he sees fit to join as the spokeman and leader of the entourage.Truck's career started in the state of Massachusetts in a...

New Format for Website Rankings
Sam Skibbe | 04.21.14

There are not many requirements to be a part of the National Wiffle League Association. One of those requirements though, is to have a website, no matter how simple or complex. For a Wiffleball League, a website gives you a sense of identity and a way to show your league's accomplishments throughout...

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Dublin. OH
July 17-19
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